The annual Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival (HPAWF) is a fun filled and educational event that will serve approximately 600 Grade 4 students from Huron and Perth County.

This festival provides students with an interactive and engaging atmosphere for hands-on learning about agriculture and water conservation.  Students learn about the important role of agriculture and water within their everyday lives, as well as their individual role in our local environment.

The HPAWF is organized and facilitated by local Agricultural Producer Groups, local Government Agencies and local School Boards.  An extensive volunteer base of over 50 community members, facilitate and present this event, making the festival possible!

Any donation is greatly appreciated; bringing us one step closer towards making the next Huron Perth Agriculture and Water Festival a success.

For more questions about donating to the HPAWF, click on the link below or contact the festival coordinator, Johanna Hayes, huronperthfestival(at)gmail(dot)com